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Spend more, Save more

It's the perfect time to stock up your lab with the return of Spend More, Save More

Back by popular demand and just in time for the new semester is our Spend More, Save More promotion. Stock up on all your essential lab supplies with up to a $650 discount on all Proteintech products, including our new IHCeasy kits.

Offer valid in the US, Europe and Canada. Click here for promotion details for the United Kingdom.

$/€100 Discount
When you spend
$/€200 Discount
When you spend
$/€300 Discount
When you spend
$/€650 Discount
When you spend

*Amount listed in USD ($) is equal to the amount available in CAD ($) and EUR(€). Ex: Price/discount listed as US$100 will be CAD$100 and €100.

To take advantage of this offer, place an order using the code below.


Offer ends 10/31/2021. Terms and conditions apply.

Follow the links below for more details on Proteintech products included in this promotion:
Antibodies against 13,000 human targets Tag/control antibodies
HumanKine human cell-expressed cytokines and growth factors* CoraLite fluorescent dye- conjugated antibodies            
NeutraKine Neutralizing antibodies Prestained Protein Markers
Sandwich & AuthentiKine ELISA kits Secondary antibodies
13,000 fusion proteins - 20ul sample vials
Antibodies for Flow GMP Proteins

*Offer excludes all HumanKine® products over 10µg, all sizes of HumanKine Wnt3a, PDGFBB, and IFN gamma, as well as all ChromoTek products.

If you need assistance with ordering or have any questions relating to our products or services, please contact us or speak to a Proteintech representative via our 24-hour Live Chat.


Terms and conditions

  1. This promotional offer is only available to customers based in the US, Europe and Canada. Offer not valid in the UK. Click here for UK promotion.

  2. This promotion is only valid until 10/31/2021.

  3. The discount cannot be applied to custom production projects, ChromoTek products, or HumanKine products over 10ug.

  4. All sizes of the following HumanKine proteins are exculuded from this promotion: Wnt3a, PDGFBB, and IFN gamma.

  5. Only one tier of discount ($/€100, $/€200, $/€300, or $/€650) is applicable to each order, dependent on the total order value. If the total order value exceeds $/€2,000, the maximum discount available remains $650.

  6. This promotion code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

  7. The SPENDSAVE21 promotion code must be entered at checkout or quoted on your email/fax order to be applied to your order. We cannot apply the promotion retroactively.

  8. Available for direct orders only.

  9. Proteintech reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.

  10. Usual shipping costs will still apply.



3 August, 2021


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