IHCeasy Ready-to-use IHC Kits

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IHCeasy Ready-to-use IHC Kits: You are steps away from high-quality IHC data

The IHCeasy Ready-to-use IHC Kits are designed to provide all the antibodies and reagents needed to stain your tissue samples, including the primary antibody. Each kit’s protocol has been thoroughly optimized to provide the best staining for your protein of interest. The reagents in the kit require minimal preparation – simply apply them directly to your tissue sample and you’re steps away from obtaining high-quality IHC data.

Whats in the Box

Primary antibody

  • Primary antibody

  • Antigen retrieval buffer

  • Blocking buffer

  • Washing buffer

  • Secondary antibody

  • Chromogen

  • Counter stain

  • Signal enhancer

  • Mounting media

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Target Catalog No Reactivity
ACLY KHC0227 Human, rat, mouse
PLIN1 KHC0228 Human, rat, mouse
ADRP KHC0229 Human, rat, mouse
Perilipin 5 KHC0230 Human, rat, mouse
PCK1 KHC0231 Human
PCK2 KHC0232 Human, rat
LPL KHC0233 Human, rat, mouse
Leptin KHC0234 Human, rat, mouse
GPD1 KHC0235 Human, rat, mouse
GPD2 KHC0236 Human, rat, mouse
FABP4/AP2 KHC0237 Human, rat, mouse
FABP5 KHC0238 Human, rat, mouse
CEBPB KHC0239 Human, rat, mouse
Adiponectin KHC0240 Human, rat, mouse
ACVR1C/ALK7 KHC0241 Human, rat, mouse
DBC1/CCAR2 KHC0242 Human
PSEN1/AD3 KHC0243 Human, rat, mouse
CIDEA KHC0244 Human, mouse
CYC1 KHC0245 Human, mouse
NDUFA13 KHC0246 Human, rat, mouse
UCP2 KHC0247 Human, Mouse
S100A1 KHC0248 Human, Mouse, Rat
PPARG KHC0249 Human, Rat
MEST KHC0250 Human, Rat
FABP2 KHC0251 Human, Mouse
DIO2 KHC0252 Human, Mouse, Rat
CYFIP2 KHC0253 Human, Mouse, Rat
LPIN1 KHC0302 Human, Mouse, Rat
COX8A KHC0305 Human, Mouse, Rat
DLK1 KHC0306 Human, Mouse, Rat
Target Catalog No Reactivity
AFP KHC0380 Human
AKT KHC0115 Human, rat, mouse
ANXA7 KHC0281 Human, Mouse, Rat
AR KHC0097 Human, rat
Beta Catenin KHC0008 Human, rat, mouse
c-SRC KHC0117 Human, rat, mouse
Caldesmon KHC0274 Human, Mouse, Rat
Calretinin KHC0276 Human
CD44 KHC0030 Human
CDK4 KHC0303 Human, Mouse, Rat
CITED1 KHC0295 Human, Mouse, Rat
CK8 KHC0041 Human, rat, mouse
Claudin 18 KHC0063 Human
COL1A1 KHC0205 Human
COL2A1 KHC0206 Human
COL3A1 KHC0264 Human
COL6A1 KHC0314 Human
COL6A2 KHC0315 Human
Cytokeratin 7 KHC0204 Human, rat, mouse
E-cadherin KHC0010 Human, rat
EGFR KHC0612 Human
EPCAM KHC0085 Human
GSK3B KHC0116 Human, rat, mouse
KRT10 KHC0582 Human, Mouse, Rat
KRT16 KHC0142 Human, rat, mouse
KRT18 KHC0032 Human
KRT19 KHC0033 Human, rat
KRT20 KHC0034 Human
MAGEC2 KHC0272 Human
Mammaglobin A KHC0096 Human
Melan-A KHC0275 Human
MMP3 KHC0109 Human, rat, mouse
MMP9 KHC0120 Human
MUC1 KHC0304 Human
MUC4 KHC0603 Human
N-cadherin KHC0011 Human, rat, mouse
Napsin A KHC0068 Human, mouse
NRAS KHC0279 Human, Mouse
P53 KHC0079 Human
PAX8 KHC0038 Human, rat, mouse
PD-1 KHC0064 Human
PLAP KHC0319 Human
PR KHC0095 Human
PSA KHC0065 Human
PSMA/FOLH1 KHC0066 Human, rat, mouse
PTEN KHC0280 Human, Mouse, Rat
RALB KHC0271 Human, Mouse
S100A12 KHC0581 Human
S100A6 KHC0277 Human
smooth muscle actin KHC0053 Human, rat, mouse
SOX10 KHC0273 Human, Mouse, Rat
STK11 KHC0278 Human, Mouse, Rat
TGF beta 1 KHC0131 Human
ULBP2 KHC0266 Human
VAT1 KHC0270 Human, Mouse, Rat
VCAM-1 KHC0106 Human
VIL1 KHC0601 Human
Vimentin KHC0039 Human
Target Catalog No Reactivity
Beta Catenin KHC0008 Human, rat, mouse
p120 Catenin KHC0009 Human, rat, mouse
E-cadherin KHC0010 Human, rat
N-cadherin KHC0011 Human, rat, mouse
Vimentin KHC0039 Human
EPCAM KHC0085 Human
Alpha Actinin KHC0088 Human, rat, mouse
Desmocollin 2 KHC0091 Human
Desmin KHC0100 Human, rat, mouse
Nectin-4/PVRL4 KHC0104 Human
DSG2 KHC0105 Human
VCAM-1 KHC0106 Human
FAK KHC0107 Human
S100A4 KHC0108 Human
MMP3 KHC0109 Human, rat, mouse
CYR61 KHC0110 Human
Integrin alpha-1 KHC0111 Human
L1CAM KHC0112 Human
TNC/Tenascin-C KHC0113 Human, rat, mouse
Nectin-2/PVRL2 KHC0114 Human
AKT KHC0115 Human, rat, mouse
GSK3B KHC0116 Human, rat, mouse
c-SRC KHC0117 Human, rat, mouse
p38 MAPK KHC0118 Human, rat, mouse
DKK3 KHC0119 Human, rat, mouse
MMP9 KHC0120 Human
RAP1B KHC0121 Human
VTN KHC0122 Human
SPARC KHC0123 Human, mouse
DVL2 KHC0124 Human, mouse
DVL3 KHC0125 Human, mouse
SMAD2 KHC0126 Human, rat, mouse
SMAD7 KHC0127 Human, rat, mouse
Cortactin KHC0128 Human, mouse
DDR1 KHC0129 Human
Periostin KHC0130 Human
TGF beta 1 KHC0131 Human
YY1 KHC0132 Human, rat, mouse
MCT4 KHC0133 Human, rat, mouse
HMGA2 KHC0265 Human, Mouse, Rat
Target Catalog No Reactivity
ADAR1 KHC0183 Human, rat, mouse
ALKBH3 KHC0180 Human, rat, mouse
ALKBH5 KHC0154 Human, rat, mouse
ALY KHC0175 Human, rat, mouse
CBLL1 KHC0152 Human, rat, mouse
DKC1 KHC0186 Human, rat, mouse
DNMT3A KHC0174 Human, rat, mouse
EIF3A KHC0167 Human, rat, mouse
EIF3C KHC0168 Human, rat, mouse
EIF3D KHC0169 Human, rat, mouse
EIF3G KHC0170 Human, rat, mouse
EIF3I KHC0171 Human, rat, mouse
FBL KHC0182 Human, rat, mouse
FTO KHC0153 Human, mouse
FTSJ1 KHC0181 Human, rat, mouse
HDAC1 KHC0613 Human, Mouse, Rat
HDAC10 KHC0618 Human, Rat
HDAC11 KHC0619 Human
HDAC3 KHC0614 Human
HDAC5 KHC0615 Human, Mouse, Rat
HDAC6 KHC0616 Human
HDAC8 KHC0617 Human, Mouse, Rat
HNRNPA2B1 KHC0163 Human, rat, mouse
HNRNPC KHC0164 Human, rat, mouse
IGF2BP1 KHC0160 Human, rat, mouse
IGF2BP2 KHC0161 Human, mouse
IGF2BP3 KHC0162 Human
LRPPRC KHC0166 Human
m6A KHC0143 Human, rat, mouse
METTL1 KHC0144 Human, rat, mouse
METTL14 KHC0145 Human, mouse
METTL16 KHC0146 Human, mouse
METTL5 KHC0147 Human, rat, mouse
NSUN2 KHC0172 Human
NSUN6 KHC0173 Human, rat, mouse
PUS1 KHC0184 Human
RBM15 KHC0150 Human, rat, mouse
RBM15B KHC0151 Human, rat
SETDB1 KHC0067 Human, rat, mouse
SFRS2 KHC0165 Human, mouse
TRMT10C KHC0179 Human
TRMT6 KHC0177 Human
TRMT61B KHC0178 Human
TRUB2 KHC0185 Human
VIRMA/KIAA1429 KHC0149 Human, rat, mouse
WTAP KHC0148 Human, mouse
YBX1 KHC0176 Human, rat, mouse
YTHDC1 KHC0155 Human, rat, mouse
YTHDC2 KHC0156 Human, rat, mouse
YTHDF1 KHC0157 Human, rat, mouse
YTHDF2 KHC0158 Human, rat, mouse
YTHDF3 KHC0159 Human, rat, mouse
Target Catalog No Reactivity
BAK KHC0605 Human, Mouse, Rat
C20orf54/SLC52A3 KHC0599 Human
Caspase 2 KHC0606 Human, Mouse, Rat
CD147/BSG KHC0607 Human
CD247 KHC0608 Human, Mouse, Rat
CDC20 KHC0609 Human
CgA/CHGA KHC0602 Human, Mouse
DDC KHC0611 Human, Mouse, Rat
EGFR KHC0612 Human
HDAC1 KHC0613 Human, Mouse, Rat
HDAC10 KHC0618 Human, Rat
HDAC11 KHC0619 Human
HDAC3 KHC0614 Human
HDAC5 KHC0615 Human, Mouse, Rat
HDAC6 KHC0616 Human
HDAC8 KHC0617 Human, Mouse, Rat
MUC4 KHC0603 Human
PLCE1 KHC0598 Human
PRKAA1 KHC0600 Human, Mouse, Rat
Smoothelin/SMTN KHC0597 Human, Mouse, Rat
TMEM16A/DOG1 KHC0604 Human
Target Catalog No Reactivity
C1QC KHC0372 Immunology
C3 KHC0375 Immunology
Cathepsin B KHC0373 Immunology
Cathepsin D KHC0374 Immunology
CD68 KHC0006 Human
CD206 KHC0007 Human
CD3 KHC0013 Human
CD8 KHC0014 Human
CD43 KHC0015 Human
CD7 KHC0016 Human
CD11c KHC0017 Human
CD20 KHC0018 Human
CD22 KHC0019 Human
CD138/SDC1 KHC0020 Human
CD23 KHC0021 Human
CD13 KHC0026 Human, rat, mouse
CD11B KHC0027 Human
CD14 KHC0028 Human
CD16 KHC0029 Human
CD44 KHC0030 Human
CD45 KHC0031 Human
Galectin-3 KHC0035 Human
MPO KHC0040 Human
STING KHC0060 Human, mouse
human IgM KHC0069 Human
Human IgA KHC0070 Human
human IgD KHC0071 Human
Human IgG kappa chain KHC0072 Human
Human IgG lambda chain KHC0073 Human
Human IgG4 KHC0074 Human
ICAM-1 KHC0080 Human
HLA-E KHC0089 Human
Podoplanin/PDPN KHC0092 Human
HLA-A KHC0093 Human
CR1 KHC0102 Human
HLA-G KHC0103 Human
Mouse F4/80 KHC0208 Mouse
IL18 KHC0308 Human
Target Catalog No Reactivity
CD90 KHC0081 Human
PTPRO KHC0082 Human, mouse
Podocalyxin KHC0087 Human
Ezrin KHC0094 Human, mouse
SYNPO KHC0098 Human, mouse
CA9 KHC0187 Human, rat, mouse
Calbindin-D28k KHC0188 Human, rat, mouse
NKCC2/SLC12A1 KHC0189 Human, rat, mouse
PDK1 KHC0190 Human, rat, mouse
PLVAP KHC0191 Human
S100P KHC0192 Human
DHRS2 KHC0193 Human
SLC13A2 KHC0194 Human, mouse
SLC13A3 KHC0195 Human, mouse
SLC4A4 KHC0196 Human, rat, mouse
SLC22A7 KHC0197 Human, rat, mouse
AQP2 KHC0198 Human, rat, mouse
UPK1A KHC0199 Human, rat, mouse
Band 3/AE1 KHC0200 Human
NDUFA4L2 KHC0201 Human
EMILIN1 KHC0202 Human
Secretogranin II KHC0203 Human, rat, mouse
GSTT1 KHC0210 Human
CHGB KHC0211 Human, rat, mouse
PCP4 KHC0212 Human, rat, mouse
MDK KHC0213 Human
CDH16 KHC0214 Human, mouse
SFRP1 KHC0215 Human, mouse
ALDH1A2 KHC0216 Human, rat, mouse
FLT1 KHC0217 Human, rat, mouse
PGF KHC0218 Human
ADAM10 KHC0219 Human, rat, mouse
LRP2 KHC0220 Human
ITGB6 KHC0221 Human, rat, mouse
LRPAP1 KHC0222 Human, rat, mouse
APOL1 KHC0223 Human
PDGFRB KHC0224 Human
RSPO1 KHC0225 Human
TCN2 KHC0226 Human
SLC8A1/NCX1 KHC0267 Human, Mouse
KRT23 KHC0268 Human, Mouse, Rat
SIX1 KHC0269 Human, Mouse, Rat
STMN2 KHC0301 Human, Mouse, Rat
NGAL/LCN2 KHC0307 Human
IL18 KHC0308 Human
PI16 KHC0310 Human, rat, mouse
Target Catalog No Reactivity
TDP-43 KHC0001 Human, rat, mouse
GFAP KHC0002 Human, rat, mouse
NeuN KHC0003 Human, rat, mouse
TUBB3 KHC0042 Human, rat, mouse
MAP2 KHC0043 Human, rat, mouse
NF-L KHC0044 Human, rat, mouse
NF-M KHC0045 Human, rat, mouse
NF-H/NF200 KHC0046 Human, rat, mouse
G3BP1 KHC0047 Human, rat, mouse
WFS1 KHC0048 Human, rat, mouse
HuR KHC0049 Human, rat, mouse
S100B KHC0050 Human, rat, mouse
Syntaxin 1A/1B KHC0051 Human, rat, mouse
SOD1 KHC0052 Human, rat, mouse
UCHL1 KHC0054 Human, rat, mouse
DACH1 KHC0055 Human, rat, mouse
IBA1 KHC0056 Human, rat, mouse
FUS/TLS KHC0057 Human, rat, mouse
P62,SQSTM1 KHC0058 Human
Synaptophysin KHC0059 Human, rat, mouse
SETDB1 KHC0067 Human, rat, mouse
GLUT3 KHC0090 Human, rat, mouse
Alpha Synuclein KHC0290 Human, Mouse, Rat
Phospho-TDP43 (Ser409/410) KHC0291 Human
Target Catalog No Reactivity
Beta Catenin KHC0008 Human, rat, mouse
P53 KHC0079 Human
AKT KHC0115 Human, rat, mouse
GSK3B KHC0116 Human, rat, mouse
c-SRC KHC0117 Human, rat, mouse
p38 MAPK KHC0118 Human, rat, mouse
SMAD2 KHC0126 Human, rat, mouse
SMAD7 KHC0127 Human, rat, mouse
TGF beta 1 KHC0131 Human
SHH KHC0134 Human, mouse
IHH KHC0135 Human
GLI2 KHC0136 Human, rat
GLI3 KHC0137 Human, rat, mouse
SMO KHC0138 Human, rat, mouse
FOXA1 KHC0139 Human
FOXA2 KHC0140 Human, rat
TFF1 KHC0141 Human, rat, mouse
Phospho-RPS6KA1 (Ser380) KHC0292 Human
Phospho-AKT (Ser473) KHC0293 Human
Target Catalog No Reactivity
ALDH1A1 KHC0084 Human, rat
Beta Catenin KHC0008 Human, rat, mouse
BMI1 KHC0296 Human, rat, mouse
CD105 KHC0024 Human
CD13 KHC0026 Human, rat, mouse
CD14 KHC0028 Human
CD31 KHC0022 Human
CD34 KHC0023 Human
CD44 KHC0030 Human
CD90 KHC0081 Human
CXCR4 KHC0485 Human
E-cadherin KHC0010 Human, rat
EPCAM KHC0085 Human
Galectin-3 KHC0035 Human
GFAP KHC0002 Human, rat, mouse
GLUT3 KHC0090 Human, rat, mouse
ICAM-1 KHC0080 Human
N-cadherin KHC0011 Human, rat, mouse
smooth muscle actin KHC0053 Human, rat, mouse
SOX2 KHC0294 Human, Mouse, Rat
TP63 KHC0086 Human, rat, mouse
Vimentin KHC0039 Human


Target Catalog No Reactivity
A2M KHC0378 Human
AADAC KHC0391 Human, Mouse
ABAT KHC0547 Human, Rat
ABHD14B KHC0392 Human, Mouse
ACAA1 KHC0555 Human, Mouse, Rat
ACAA2 KHC0502 Human, Mouse, Rat
ACADSB KHC0537 Human
ACAT1 KHC0504 Human, Mouse, Rat
ACSL1 KHC0393 Human, Mouse, Rat
ACSL4 KHC0474 Human
ACTG1 KHC0512 Human, Mouse, Rat
ADH1B KHC0499 Human
ADH1C KHC0522 Human, Mouse, Rat
ADH6 KHC0539 Human, Mouse, Rat
AFP KHC0380 Human
AGT KHC0490 Human
AGXT KHC0507 Human
AHSG/Fetuin A KHC0483 Human, Mouse, Rat
AIMP2/JTV1 KHC0394 Human, Mouse, Rat
AK2 KHC0395 Human, Mouse, Rat
AKR1A1 KHC0571 Human, Mouse, Rat
ALB KHC0376 Human
ALDH2 KHC0506 Human, Mouse, Rat
ALDH4A1 KHC0525 Human, Mouse, Rat
ALDH6A1 KHC0545 Human
ALDOA KHC0488 Human, Mouse, Rat
ALDOB KHC0489 Human, Mouse, Rat
ANXA1 KHC0399 Human
ANXA2 KHC0396 Human
ANXA6 KHC0561 Human, Mouse, Rat
APOA1 KHC0491 Human
APOA2 KHC0381 Human
APOC1 KHC0492 Human
APOH KHC0382 Human
ARG1 KHC0383 Human, Rat
ASGR1 KHC0384 Human
ASGR2 KHC0385 Human
ASS1 KHC0476 Human
ASUN KHC0400 Human, Mouse, Rat
ATP5A1 KHC0530 Human, Mouse
ATP5B KHC0510 Human, Mouse, Rat
AXIN2 KHC0473 Human
AZGP1 KHC0401 Human
BGN/Biglycan KHC0480 Human
BHMT KHC0515 Human, Mouse, Rat
BHMT2 KHC0402 Human
BID KHC0403 Human
C1QA KHC0479 Human
C1R KHC0404 Human
C1S KHC0405 Human
CA1 KHC0551 Human
Calnexin KHC0572 Human, Mouse, Rat
CASP7 KHC0406 Human, Mouse, Rat
CCL20/MIP3A KHC0407 Human
CD10 KHC0386 Human
CD71 KHC0496 Human
CDC37L1 KHC0408 Human
CES1 KHC0503 Human
CFH KHC0409 Human
CFL1 KHC0534 Human, Mouse, Rat
CHCHD2 KHC0410 Human, Mouse
CLTA KHC0592 Human, Mouse, Rat
CLTB KHC0593 Human
CPB2 KHC0411 Human
CPNE8 KHC0412 Human
CRP KHC0397 Human, Rat
CSTB KHC0577 Human
CTSD KHC0591 Human
CYB5A KHC0521 Human, Mouse, Rat
CYP27A1 KHC0494 Human, Mouse, Rat
CYP2E1 KHC0477 Human
CYP2J2 KHC0413 Human, Mouse, Rat
CYP3A4 KHC0387 Human
CYP7B1 KHC0486 Human
DDT KHC0527 Human, Mouse, Rat
DNAJC12 KHC0414 Human
ECH1 KHC0589 Human
ECHS1 KHC0514 Human
ECM1 KHC0481 Human, Mouse
EEF1A1 KHC0508 Human, Mouse, Rat
EEF1A2 KHC0563 Human, Mouse, Rat
EEF2 KHC0585 Human, Mouse, Rat
EFHD2 KHC0415 Human
EIF5A KHC0596 Human, Mouse, Rat
ENO3 KHC0587 Human, Mouse, Rat
ETFA KHC0544 Human, Mouse, Rat
FARSB KHC0416 Human, Mouse, Rat
FBP1 KHC0526 Human, Mouse, Rat
FGB KHC0388 Human, Mouse, Rat
FKBP4/FKBP52 KHC0417 Human
FKBP5 KHC0418 Human, Rat
FTCD KHC0533 Human, Rat
FTL KHC0419 Human
FXYD1 KHC0420 Human
GAPDH KHC0501 Human, Mouse, Rat
GATM KHC0560 Human, Mouse, Rat
GBP1 KHC0421 Human
GC/VTDB KHC0422 Human
GLUD1 KHC0518 Human, Mouse, Rat
GNAI1 KHC0423 Human, Mouse, Rat
GPX7 KHC0424 Human, Mouse, Rat
GRHPR KHC0520 Human, Mouse, Rat
GRP78/HSPA5 KHC0509 Human, Mouse, Rat
GRP94/HSP90B1 KHC0531 Human
GSTP1 KHC0548 Human, Mouse, Rat
GYS1 KHC0498 Human, Mouse, Rat
HADH KHC0552 Human
HADHA KHC0553 Human, Mouse, Rat
HADHB KHC0554 Human, Mouse, Rat
HAL KHC0487 Human, Mouse, Rat
HBB KHC0556 Human
HGF KHC0478 Human
HINT1 KHC0538 Human
Histone H1.0 KHC0594 Human, Mouse, Rat
Histone-H3 KHC0568 Human, Mouse, Rat
HNRNPK KHC0590 Human, Mouse, Rat
HP KHC0425 Human
HPRT1 KHC0426 Human
HRSP12 KHC0517 Human
HSC70/HSPA8 KHC0549 Human, Mouse, Rat
HSD17B10 KHC0543 Human
HSD17B4 KHC0573 Human
HSP90AB1 KHC0564 Human, Mouse, Rat
HSPA9/GRP75 KHC0540 Human
HSPB1 KHC0427 Human
HSPD1 KHC0505 Human, Rat
IDH1 KHC0541 Human, Mouse, Rat
IDH2 KHC0580 Human, Mouse, Rat
IDI1 KHC0428 Human
IFI30 KHC0429 Human
IFI6/G1P3 KHC0430 Human
IFITM2/3 KHC0431 Human
KRT10 KHC0582 Human, Mouse, Rat
LBP KHC0432 Human
LPPR2 KHC0448 Human, Mouse, Rat
MBNL1 KHC0433 Human, Mouse, Rat
MCL1 KHC0434 Human
MDH2 KHC0524 Human, Mouse, Rat
METTL7A KHC0532 Human
MGLL KHC0435 Human, Mouse
MRPL33 KHC0436 Human
MRPS28 KHC0437 Human
MT2A KHC0438 Human, Mouse, Rat
MTCO2/COX2 KHC0575 Human, Mouse, Rat
MTHFD1 KHC0578 Human, Mouse, Rat
NDUFAF2 KHC0439 Human, Mouse
NDUFAF4 KHC0440 Human
NFIC KHC0441 Human, Mouse, Rat
NME1 KHC0442 Human, Mouse, Rat
OTC KHC0493 Human
PALMD KHC0443 Human, Mouse, Rat
PARK7 KHC0557 Human, Mouse, Rat
PDI/P4HB KHC0516 Human, Mouse, Rat
PDIA3 KHC0535 Human
PDIA4/ERP72 KHC0584 Human, Mouse, Rat
PDIA6 KHC0579 Human, Mouse, Rat
PDLIM7 KHC0444 Human, Mouse, Rat
PEBP1 KHC0500 Human, Rat
PFN1 KHC0519 Human, Mouse, Rat
PGK1 KHC0542 Human, Mouse, Rat
PGM1 KHC0567 Human
PGRMC1 KHC0546 Human, Rat
PHB2 KHC0570 Human
PKLR KHC0398 Human
PLEK2 KHC0445 Human
PLP2 KHC0446 Human
PPIB KHC0523 Human, Rat
PPIF KHC0447 Human, Rat
PRDX3 KHC0562 Human
PRDX6 KHC0513 Human, Rat
PSME2 KHC0449 Human, Mouse, Rat
RAB27A KHC0450 Human
RAB32 KHC0451 Human
RARRES2 KHC0452 Human
RBM39 KHC0497 Human, Mouse, Rat
RBP1 KHC0453 Human, Mouse
RHOB KHC0454 Human, Mouse, Rat
RPL23A KHC0583 Human, Mouse, Rat
RPL35 KHC0586 Human, Mouse, Rat
RPLP2 KHC0576 Human, Mouse, Rat
RPS14 KHC0595 Human
RSU1 KHC0455 Human, Mouse, Rat
S100A10 KHC0528 Human, Mouse, Rat
S100A11 KHC0550 Human
S100A12 KHC0581 Human
S100A8 KHC0536 Human
SAA4 KHC0456 Human
SDSL KHC0457 Human, Mouse
SELENBP1 KHC0574 Human, Mouse, Rat
SERPINB8 KHC0459 Human
SERPINC1 KHC0460 Human, Rat
SERPINE1 KHC0461 Human
SF3B5 KHC0463 Human, Mouse, Rat
SFN KHC0464 Human
SFRP4 KHC0475 Human
SHMT1 KHC0566 Human, Mouse, Rat
SMAD1 KHC0389 Human, Mouse, Rat
SOD2 KHC0465 Human
SQRDL KHC0466 Human
TF KHC0377 Human
TGM2 KHC0467 Human
TIMD4 KHC0495 Human
TPI1 KHC0511 Human, Mouse, Rat
TPM2 KHC0482 Human, Mouse, Rat
TST KHC0565 Human, Mouse, Rat
TTPA/TPP1 KHC0569 Human, Mouse
TTR KHC0390 Human
TUBA1B KHC0468 Human, Mouse, Rat
TXN KHC0529 Human
TYW3 KHC0469 Human
UGT2B4 KHC0470 Human
UGT2B7 KHC0471 Human, Rat
VAMP5 KHC0472 Human, Mouse, Rat
VDAC1 KHC0588 Human, Mouse, Rat
YWHAE KHC0558 Human, Mouse, Rat
YWHAZ KHC0559 Human
Target Catalog No Reactivity
Beta-II spectrin/SPTBN1 KHC0283 Human, Mouse, Rat
CPT1B KHC0363 Human, Mouse, Rat
Dystrophin/DMD KHC0284 Human, Mouse, Rat
alpha-dystroglycan /DAG1 KHC0285 Human, Mouse, Rat
Utrophin/UTRN KHC0289 Human, Mouse, Rat
Beta-I spectrin/SPTB KHC0301 Human, Mouse, Rat
Lamin A/C KHC0311 Human, Mouse, Rat
Telethonin (TCAP) KHC0312 Human, Mouse, Rat
Titin KHC0313 Human, Mouse, Rat
COL6A1 KHC0314 Human
COL6A2 KHC0315 Human
PABPN1 KHC0316 Human, Mouse, Rat
LAP2/TMPO KHC0317 Human, Mouse, Rat
Calpain-3/CAPN3 KHC0318 Human, Mouse, Rat
GOT2 KHC0320 Human, Mouse, Rat
LMCD1 KHC0321 Human, Mouse, Rat
SEPN1 KHC0322 Human, Mouse
CAPN3 KHC0323 Human, Mouse, Rat
LDHB KHC0324 Human, Mouse, Rat
CKB KHC0325 Human, Mouse, Rat
CKB/CKM KHC0326 Human, Mouse, Rat
TNNI3 KHC0327 Human, Rat
FOXO1 KHC0328 Human, Mouse, Rat
FBXO32 KHC0329 Human, Mouse, Rat
TRIM63 KHC0330 Human, Mouse, Rat
ANKRD2 KHC0331 Human, Mouse, Rat
CPT1A KHC0332 Human, Mouse, Rat
CPT1C KHC0333 Human, Mouse, Rat
CPT2 KHC0334 Human, Mouse, Rat
Target Catalog No Reactivity
MYL1 KHC0335 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH10 KHC0346 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH13 KHC0350 Human, Mouse
MYH14 KHC0351 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH15 KHC0352 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH3 KHC0337 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH4 KHC0339 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH6 KHC0341 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH7 KHC0343 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYH9 KHC0365 Human
MYL1 KHC0335 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL10 KHC0347 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL12A KHC0348 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL12B KHC0349 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL2 KHC0336 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL3 KHC0338 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL5 KHC0340 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL6 KHC0342 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL7 KHC0344 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYL9 KHC0345 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO16 KHC0359 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO18A KHC0360 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO18B KHC0361 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO19 KHC0362 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO1A KHC0366 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO1B KHC0367 Human, Rat
MYO1C KHC0353 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO1E KHC0354 Human, Mouse
MYO1G KHC0368 Human
MYO3A KHC0355 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO5B KHC0356 Human, Mouse
MYO6 KHC0357 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO7A KHC0358 Human, Mouse, Rat
MYO7B KHC0369 Human, Rat
MYO9A KHC0370 Human, Rat
MYO9B KHC0371 Human, Mouse, Rat



Target Catalog No Reactivity
BCL2 KHC0012 Human
MAdCAM1 KHC0025 Human
ACE2 KHC0062 Human, mouse
RHAG KHC0075 Human
Glycophorin A KHC0076 Human
ICAM4 KHC0077 Human
Beta-2-Microglobulin KHC0078 Human
AQP1 KHC0083 Human, rat, mouse
FABP3 KHC0099 Human, rat, mouse
ACTC1-specific KHC0101 Human, rat, mouse
HBG1 KHC0207 Human
VWF KHC0209 Human
CDH7/Brain heart protocadherin KHC0254 Human, Mouse, Rat
CDH17/Liver-intestine cadherin KHC0255 Human, Rat
PCDHA5 KHC0256 Human, Mouse, Rat
PCDHA6 KHC0257 Human, Mouse, Rat
PCDH24/CDHR2 KHC0258 Human, Mouse
DSG1=CDHF4 KHC0259 Human, Mouse
CTNNA1 KHC0260 Human, Mouse, Rat
CTNNA2 KHC0261 Human, Mouse, Rat
CTNNA3 KHC0262 Human, Mouse
JUP/CTNNG KHC0263 Human, Mouse, Rat
Gastrin KHC0282 Human, Mouse
PCDHA3 KHC0297 Human, Mouse
CDH18 /CDH14 KHC0298 Human, Mouse, Rat
PCDHB10 KHC0309 Human