Academia to Industry Careers Workshop

Working in academia at the forefront of scientific research is exciting and rewarding, but also comes with many challenges and uncertainties. Many academic scientists are looking to move into industry, but are unsure what path or take or what certain jobs entail.

At Proteintech, we understand this anxiety about moving into industry (a lot of us have been there!) and we want to help by highlighting some of the different roles available to you. For our industry careers workshop, we have 5 excellent panellists who will present on their journey from academia to industry and what their current role entails.


  • Dr Claire Flanagan (Senior Innovation Consultant at PNO Consulting, UK)
  • Dr Erika Perez (R&D Scientist at Amgen, US)
  • Dr Elena Hoffer (CEO and Co-Founder of Alma.Me, Sweden)
  • Dr Dharaniya Sakthivel (Scientist at Lonza, US)
  • Dr Tara Little (Mid Atlantic Regional Sales Manager at Proteintech Group, US)