VPS4B Antibody 1 Publications

Rabbit Polyclonal| Catalog number: 17673-1-AP

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Con: 34 μg/150 μl

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Species specificity:
human, mouse, rat

Positive WB detected in:
Y79 cells, A431 cells, HEK-293 cells, HeLa cells, HepG2 cells, MCF-7 cells, mouse skin tissue, NIH/3T3 cells

Positive IP detected in:
HeLa cells

Positive IF detected in:
A431 cells

Recommended dilution:
WB : 1:500-1:2400
IP : 0.5-4.0 ug for IP and 1:500-1:2000 for WB
IF : 1:10-1:100

Product Information


Purification method:
Antigen affinity purification


PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3. Store at -20oC. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage.

Immunogen Information

Full name:
vacuolar protein sorting 4 homolog B (S. cerevisiae)

Calculated molecular weight:
444aa,49 kDa

Observed molecular weight:
50 kDa

GenBank accession number:

Gene ID (NCBI):

Gene symbol

MIG1, Protein SKD1, SKD1, VPS4 2, VPS42, VPS4B

VPS4B(Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 4B) is also named as SKD1, VPS42 and belongs to the AAA (ATPases associated with diverse cellular activities) family.It is involved in late steps of the endosomal multivesicular bodies (MVB) pathway and recognizes membrane-associated ESCRT-III assemblies and catalyzes their disassembly, possibly in combination with membrane fission.

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