Phantom Dye Blue 516 Viability Dye

Excitation Laser

Blue (488 nm)


516 nm

Solution in anhydrous DMSO

1 μl/test in DMSO



Cat no : PD00007

Product Information

Phantom Dye Blue 516 is a fixable viability dye which reacts with protein amine groups in both dead and live cells. Due to the compromised cell membrane in dead cells the dye can bind to many more proteins inside the cell, resulting in much higher fluorescence and easy differentation of Live/Dead cells. Phantom Dye Blue 516 is a water soluble violet fluorescent dye excited by the 488nm laser making it an excellent addition to your multicolor panel.

Excitation Laser: Blue (488 nm)

Emission (nm): 516

Use By: 6 months from date of receipt

Solution in anhydrous DMSO: 1 μl/test in DMSO


-20°C protected from light and moisture. Stable for one year after shipment.

Application Notes

Phantom Dye Blue 516 Viability Dye can be used at 1uL/mL of cell suspension.  Concentration required for optimal performance should be determined empirically by investigator. 

Cited in Article as

PD00007, Phantom Dye Blue 516 Viability Dye, Proteintech, IL, USA