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XIAP Monoclonal antibody

XIAP Monoclonal Antibody for FC, IF, IHC, WB, ELISA

Host / Isotype

Mouse / IgG1


Human, mouse, rat and More (1)







Cat no : 66800-1-Ig


API3, BIRC4, hIAP 3, hIAP3, hILP, IAP 3, IAP like protein, IAP3, ILP, ILP1, MIHA, X linked IAP, XIAP, XLP2

Tested Applications

Positive WB detected inLNCaP cells, HEK-293 cells, HeLa cells, HepG2 cells, HEK-293T cells, Jurkat cells
Positive IHC detected inhuman colon tissue, human lung cancer tissue
Note: suggested antigen retrieval with TE buffer pH 9.0; (*) Alternatively, antigen retrieval may be performed with citrate buffer pH 6.0
Positive IF detected inhuman colon cancer tissue
Positive FC detected inHeLa cells

Recommended dilution

Western Blot (WB)WB : 1:5000-1:50000
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)IHC : 1:250-1:1000
Immunofluorescence (IF)IF : 1:200-1:800
Sample-dependent, check data in validation data gallery

Product Information

66800-1-Ig targets XIAP in WB, IHC, IF, FC, ELISA applications and shows reactivity with Human, mouse, rat samples.

Tested Reactivity Human, mouse, rat
Cited Reactivityhuman, mouse
Host / Isotype Mouse / IgG1
Class Monoclonal
Type Antibody
Immunogen XIAP fusion protein Ag18088
Full Name X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis
Calculated molecular weight 60 kDa
Observed molecular weight 57 kDa
GenBank accession numberBC032729
Gene symbol XIAP
Gene ID (NCBI) 331
Conjugate Unconjugated
Form Liquid
Purification Method Protein G purification
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C. Stable for one year after shipment. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage. 20ul sizes contain 0.1% BSA.

Background Information

XIAP, also named as API3, BIRC4 and IAP3, belongs to the IAP family. It has E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase activity. It mediates the proteasomal degradation of target proteins, such as caspase-3, SMAC or AIFM1. XIAP is an inhibitor of caspase-3, -7 and -9. It mediates activation of MAP3K7/TAK1, leading to the activation of NF-kappa-B. XIAP is an apoptotic suppressor. It is ubiquitinated and degraded by the proteasome in apoptotic cells.


Product Specific Protocols
WB protocol for XIAP antibody 66800-1-IgDownload protocol
IHC protocol for XIAP antibody 66800-1-IgDownload protocol
IF protocol for XIAP antibody 66800-1-IgDownload protocol
FC protocol for XIAP antibody 66800-1-IgDownload protocol
Standard Protocols
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Int J Biol Sci

Inhibition of PI3K/AKT signaling via ROS regulation is involved in Rhein-induced apoptosis and enhancement of oxaliplatin sensitivity in pancreatic cancer cells.

Authors - Yuhui Liu

Oncol Lett

PP2A promotes apoptosis and facilitates docetaxel sensitivity via the PP2A/p-eIF4B/XIAP signaling pathway in prostate cancer.

Authors - Siwen Yin

Chem Biol Interact

Hsa_circ_0005050 interacts with ILF3 and affects cell apoptosis and proliferation by disrupting the balance between p53 and p65

Authors - Jingwen Tan

Cell Death Dis

XIAP deletion sensitizes mice to TNF-induced and RIP1-mediated death

Authors - Axel Witt

Nat Nanotechnol

Non-invasive activation of intratumoural gene editing for improved adoptive T-cell therapy in solid tumours

Authors - Xiaohong Chen


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Praveen (Verified Customer) (05-17-2019)

Very Good Antibody

  • Applications: Immunoprecipitation,
  • Cell Tissue Type: AC16
XIAP Antibody Immunoprecipitation, validation ( dilution) in AC16 (Cat no:66800-1-Ig)

Praveen (Verified Customer) (05-17-2019)

Very good Antibody

  • Applications: Immunoprecipitation,
XIAP Antibody Immunoprecipitation, validation ( dilution) in (Cat no:66800-1-Ig)