Fluorescent western blotting for dementia research and beyond

Fluorescent western blotting for dementia research and beyond

Introduction to Proteintech

Proteintech has been the original manufacturer of antibodies, ELISA kits, and proteins since 2002. We have antibodies against 13,000 human targets and within that, 2,500 targets have been validated by knockout/knockdown validation.

We acquired ChromoTek last year (2020) who makes high-quality nanobody reagents including the market leader, GFP-Trap. We recently became ISO accredited, which means that we can manufacture GMP-grade growth factors and cytokines for use in cell and gene therapies.

With five global inventory sites, all of our products are in stock and available for next-day delivery primarily for the US and Europe, and fast delivery for other regions. The main difference between Proteintech and other antibody suppliers is that we manufacture every product ourselves and you can only buy our products from us. By cutting out the middleman and not allowing anyone else to sell our products under their label, we offer you full transparency with original validation data and lot-to-lot consistency.

Proteintech original manufacturer

Just last year, we launched CoraLite fluorescent-dye antibodies for use in direct immunofluorescence and protein ladders for use in Western blots. As a company, we measure our success by your scientific success specifically, helping you publish impactful research faster and as of today, we have over 100,000 citations worldwide.