COXIV Monoclonal antibody

COXIV Monoclonal Antibody for FC, IF, IHC, WB,ELISA

Host / Isotype

Mouse / IgG2a


human and More (1)







Cat no : 66110-1-Ig


COX IV 1, COX4, COX4I1, COXIV, Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide IV, Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4 isoform 1 mitochondrial

Tested Applications

Positive WB detected inHeLa cells, HEK-293 cells, HepG2 cells, Jurkat cells
Positive IHC detected inhuman prostate cancer tissue, human pancreas tissue, human heart tissue
Note: suggested antigen retrieval with TE buffer pH 9.0; (*) Alternatively, antigen retrieval may be performed with citrate buffer pH 6.0
Positive IF detected inHepG2 cells
Positive FC detected inHeLa cells

Recommended dilution

Western Blot (WB)WB : 1:2000-1:8000
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)IHC : 1:250-1:1000
Immunofluorescence (IF)IF : 1:50-1:500
Sample-dependent, check data in validation data gallery

Product Information

The immunogen of 66110-1-Ig is COXIV Fusion Protein expressed in E. coli.

Tested Reactivity human
Cited Reactivity human, mouse
Host / Isotype Mouse / IgG2a
Class Monoclonal
Type Antibody
Immunogen COXIV fusion protein Ag20551
Full Name cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV isoform 1
Calculated molecular weight19.6 kDa
Observed molecular weight 17 kDa
GenBank accession numberBC021236
Gene symbol COX4I1
Gene ID (NCBI) 1327
Conjugate Unconjugated
Form Liquid
Purification Method Protein A purification
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C. Stable for one year after shipment. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage.

Background Information

COX4I1, also named as COX4 and COXIV-1, belongs to the cytochrome c oxidase IV family. It is one of the nuclear-coded polypeptide chains of cytochrome c oxidase, the terminal oxidase in mitochondrial electron transport. COX4I1 is a marker for mitochondria. It has two isoforms (isoform 1 and 2). Isoform 1(COX4I1) is ubiquitously expressed and isoform 2 is highly expressed in lung tissues. COX4I1 is commonly used as a loading control. This antibody is specific to COX4I1 and do not cross reacts with COX4I2.


Product Specific Protocols
WB protocol for COXIV antibody 66110-1-IgDownload protocol
IHC protocol for COXIV antibody 66110-1-IgDownload protocol
IF protocol for COXIV antibody 66110-1-IgDownload protocol
FC protocol for COXIV antibody 66110-1-IgDownload protocol
Standard Protocols
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