ERK-MAPK Pathway Antibody Kit




Target Dependent


Target Dependent



Cat no : PK30019

Product Information

The ERK-MAPK Pathway Antibody Kit provides a cost-effective tool for studying key phospho-proteins invovled in various steps of the ERK-MAPK pathway. Perfect for signal transdcution researchers starting a new project, screening multiple prospective targets, or those who simply require less volume. 

The ERK-MAPK Pathway Antibody Kit contains antibodies against 5 key phospho-protein targets that play critical roles in the ERK-MAPK pathway.

Antigen Catalog No. Host, clonality Tested Reactivity Applications Volume



67873-1-Ig             Mouse monoclonal H, M, R WB, FC 20 uL



80031-1-RR             Rabbit Monoclonal H WB 20 uL



80108-1-RR             Rabbit Monoclonal H, M WB, IHC, FC 20 uL



80086-1-RR             Rabbit Monoclonal H, M WB 20 uL



81398-1-RR             Rabbit Monoclonal H WB 20 uL


Store at -20C. Stable for one year from the date of receipt. 

Background Information

The ERK-MAPK signaling pathway regulates several improtant cellular processes including proliferation, differentiation, and survival in response to extracellular signals such as growth factor/hormone stimulation and environmental stress. The pathway is strcutured into several tiers in which protein kinases sequentially phosphorylate each other, resulting in the activation of gene expression downstream. Phospho-MEK1 is a MAP2K that phosphorylates and activates ERK1/2 at several sites including Thr202/Tyr204. Once activated, the phosphorylated-ERK translocates to the nucleus and then phosphorylates several transcription factors downstream including c-Jun, c-Myc, STAT, and HIF1. Ser/Thr kinases such as p90RSK and MNK1 can also be phsophorylated by ERK, resulting in the activation of additional transcritption factors and translation factors respectively.  

Standard Protocols

Click   here  to view our standard protocols for various applications including WB, IP, IHC, IF, FC, and ELISA.

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