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It’s the perfect time to stock up on essential lab supplies with the return of our 'Spend more, Save more' promotion. Mix and match your favorite Proteintech products and save up to €1,135! The more you spend, the more you save.















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Primary Antibodies

Primary antibodies against over 13,000 different protein targets including 3,000 antibodies with KD/KO validation.

Secondary Antibodies

Secondary antibodies conjugated to a variety of detection molecules such as HRP, biotin, and fluorescent dyes.​

Conjugated Antibodies for Immunofluorescence

Primary antibodies conjugated to a variety of fluorescent dyes for use in immunofluorescent staining.

Conjugated Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Primary antibodies conjugated to a variety of fluorescent dyes for use in flow cytometry.

Neutralizing Antibodies

Neutralizing antibodies and control antibodies for use in neutralization assays.

Epitope Tag & Loading Control Antibodies

Evaluate the changes in expression levels of target proteins.​

Isotype Control

Distinguish between specific antibody staining and background staining in your experiments to ensure reliable results.


Sandwich ELISA Kits with pre-coated plates, assay reagents, and protein standard.​

IHC Kits

Optimized IHC kits that include ready-to-use reagents, including primary antibody.​

Cell Health & Proliferation Kits​

Kits for the measurement of cellular functions like proliferation and apoptosis

Magnetic Cell Separation Systems​

Beads, Antibodies, and kits for positive and negative magnetic separation of cells.

HumanKine® recombinant proteins are created in HEK293 cells using animal free components

Proteins co-expressed in bacteria will not possess post- translational modifications, e.g., phosphorylation or glycosylation. For activity, many proteins require glycosylation and processing available exclusively in eukaryotic systems; specifically human systems for authentic human proteins.

All Humankine® recombinant proteins are produced in Proteintech's in-house cGMP grade laboratory adhering to strict quality control regulations.

  • Authentic human proteins

  • Native human conformation & post-translational modifications

  • High bioactivity & stability

  • Seamless transition from research to cGMP


Nano-Traps are ideal for fast, reliable and efficient one-step immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation. Nano-Traps comprise of Nanobodies conjugated to beads.

Nano-Secondary reagents

Nano-Secondary® reagents use a novel class of secondary antibodies for higher resolution & cleaner images. These reagents consist of Nanobodies conjugated to fluorescent dyes binding to conventional antibodies.


Chromobodies® are fluorescent nanoprobes for real-time and live-cell imaging of intracellular endogenous proteins. Chromobodies are Nanobodies that are genetically fused to a fluorescent protein such as GFP.

Nano-Booster &

ChromoTek's Nano-Boosters & Nano-Labels are very small fluorescent probes optimzed for confocal and super-resolution microscopy. They consist of Nanobodies conjugated to fluorescent dyes.


Nano-Caps® are optimized for effective and cost-efficient protein purification. Nano-Caps consist of Nanobodies conjugated to agarose.


Nano-CaptureLigands are optimized to specifically immobilize human, mouse, and rabbit antibodies to streptavidin/avidin. Nano-CaptureLigands are biotinylated Nanobodies.


Suitable for conjugation to dyes, biotin, beads, surfaces etc. via NHS ester reaction.

Spot-Tag System

ChromoTek's proprietary peptide-tag system for immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence, and protein purification. Depending on application, Spot Nanobodies are conjugated to agarose, beads, or fluorescent dyes.

Protein Ladders

Regular and broad range prestained protein markers available.

SignalBright Chemiluminescent Substrate

Highly sensitive chemiluminescent substrates: SignalBright Pro, SignalBright Plus, and SignalBright Max.

Fixation and Permeabilization

Optimized fixation and permeabilization reagents for reproducible results.

Phantom Viability Dyes

Fixable viability dyes available in 7 different excitation / emission ranges.

* A single product in this category must not exceed €500 to qualify.

**HumanKine proteins over 100ug are excluded from this promotion. GMP proteins are not included regardless of size.


Terms and conditions

  • This promotional offer is only available to customers based in Europe from February 19, 2024 until March 31, 2024. 
  • Only one tier of discount is applicable to each order, dependent on the total order value. If the total order value exceeds €3,250, the maximum discount available remains €3,250.
  • The top tier of discount can only be applied once to an individual customer during the promotional period.
  • This promotion may be applied to all product except the following:
    • All GMP grade proteins 
    • All HumanKine products above 100ug.  
    • 200rxn and 400rxn pack sizes of ChromoTek nanotraps.
    • ChromoTek Spot-Cap®
    • MultiPro™ Human Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail
  • This promotion code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer. 
  • The promotion code EUSPENDSAVE must be entered at checkout or quoted on your email/fax order to be applied. We cannot apply the promotion retroactively. 
  • Available for direct orders only. If you wish to order via a distributor, you must contact them directly.
  • Usual shipping costs still apply. 
  • Proteintech reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.