Advantages of recombinant Nano-Secondary reagents

Recombinant Nano-Secondary reagents are very precise secondary antibodies with great advantages.

Nano-Secondary reagents   are monoclonal Nanobodies that bind to primary antibodies in a species and subtype specific manner, i.e. Nano-Secondary reagents are very precise secondary antibodies. They are recombinantly produced in bacterial or other animal-free expression systems; in contrast, classical mono- or polyclonal secondary antibodies are traditionally produced using hybridoma technologies or are isolated from a host’s blood.



The recombinant nature of the Nano-Secondary reagents’ production enables multiple advantages:

  • Reproducible and controlled manufacturing

ChromoTek’s recombinant Nano-Secondary reagents are characterized by both DNA and protein sequence. Therefore, we produce identical Nano-Secondary reagents in each manufacturing batch with high purity and virtually no batch-to-batch variation.


  • Highly species and subtype-specific

During development, Nanobodies with cross-reactivity to other, commonly used species’ IgG or serum proteins are excluded. We select only Nanobodies with the desired specificity. Therefore, our Nano-Secondary reagents have an ultra-low background and hence do not require any kind of pre-adsorption.


  • Purity

Nano-Secondary reagents from ChromoTek are recombinantly expressed in serum-free expression systems. There is no contamination from serum components, such as albumin and IgG.


  • Non-animal manufacturing

Our manufacturing process is totally animal free, though Nanobodies are generated from immunization of alpacas and llamas.


  • Nanobody engineering

ChromoTek engineers Nano-Secondary reagents at the genetic level enabling the generation of monovalent, bivalent, bispecific formats, and various fusions. In addition, site-specific conjugates can be manufactured.