Immunoprecipitation (IP) is a precipitation technique that purifies and enriches a protein of interest, allowing the identification of protein-protein interactions in proteomics workflows. IP is an important technique used to investigate the presence, relative abundance, size, upregulation or downregulation, stability, post-translational modifications (PTMs), and interactions between proteins.

Antibodies for endogenous targets

Explore polyclonal or monoclonal primary antibodies for the IP of untagged, endogenous proteins of interest.

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Nanobodies for proteins and peptide tags

Explore ChromoTek’s Nano-Traps for the IP of proteins carrying protein tags like GFP, mCherry or GST or carrying epitope tags like Spot-tag®, Myc-tag or V5-tag.

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Western blot after IP

Explore WB products for the detection of the precipitated protein of interest and its interaction partners: 

  • Over 13,000 polyclonal and monoclonal primary antibodies against the protein of interest 
  • Tag antibodies against a protein or peptide tag 
  • Secondary antibodies 
  • WB accessories [SignalBright, Protein ladders] 
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Isotype control antibodies

Explore isotype control antibodies to find the right negative control antibody for your IP antibody to ensure highly specific results.

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Watch why GFP-Trap gives the best results for immunoprecipitation (IP)

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