GFP-Trap for immunoprecipitation (IP) – stringent washing

The high stability of the GFP-Trap® enables its use in virtually any lysis and wash buffer. Therefore, it is possible to remove unwanted proteins, reduce background in your IP, or apply the GFP-Trap in applications requiring harsh buffer conditions. The GFP-Trap bound to the GFP-fusion protein can, for example, be used in ubiquitination assays or in the presence of Urea, which is used for the total inactivation of any phosphatase activity in Co-IP/MS for phosphorylation studies.

GFP-Trap wash buffer compatibility.
*GFP-Trap Magnetic Particles M-270: 10 mM DTT; 0.2% SDS

Various wash buffer conditions have successfully been tested. Even denaturing conditions such as 8 M Urea have been shown not to interfere with the binding of GFP. We tested the binding of GFP-Trap to GFP under reducing conditions, with chaotropic reagents, different salt concentrations, non-ionic polyols, and under higher temperatures. The complex showed unique thermal and chemical stability.

Note that GFP is always effectively bound; no GFP can be detected in flow-through as shown in the Western blot for up to 8 M Urea (top) and the SDS-PAGE for up to 2% NP-40 and 1 M NaCl (middle).

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Find out for yourself and test the GFP-Trap under harsh washing conditions. 

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