ChromoTek GFP-Trap® Multiwell Plate

GFP-Trap® Multiwell Plate for immunoprecipitation (IP) of GFP-tagged proteins.


GFP and GFP derivates





Cat no : gtp


GFP tag, GFP, eGFP, eYFP, CFP, YFP, BFP, GFP-Trap, Green fluorescent protein, AcGFP, GFP S65T, mClover (Clover A260K), Monomeric EGFP A206K, pHluorin (ecliptic), PA-GFP, Superfolder GFP (sfGFP), TagGFP, TagGFP2, Citrine, Ecitrine, Venus, EYFP, Ypet

Product Information

GFP-Trap® Multiwell Plate for immunoprecipitation (IP) of GFP-tagged proteins.

DescriptionImmunoprecipitation of GFP-fusion proteins and their interacting factors with anti-GFP Nanobody immobilized in 96 well plates.

• Up to 96 samples in parallel

• No centrifugation needed

• Pre-blocked

• Convenient handling

• Suitable also for IP of very large proteins/complexes

• Low background

• High binding efficiency

• Extraordinarily robust

• Reproducible results

• Validated

ApplicationsIP, CoIP, ELISA
Specificity/TargetAcGFP, Clover, eGFP, Emerald, GFP, GFP5, GFP Envy, GFP S65T, mGFP, mPhluorin, PA-GFP, Superfolder GFP, TagGFP, TagGFP2, monomeric eGFP A206K, CFP, YFP, Citrine, eCitrine, eYFP, Venus, Ypet, BFP
For the complete list, please click here: Fluorescent protein specificity table
Binding capacity200-500 ng of recombinant GFP per well
Elution bufferSDS sample buffer
0.2 M glycine pH 2.5
Wash buffer compatibility10 mM DTT, 10 mM β-mercaptoethanol, 10 mM TCEP, 4 M Urea, 2 M NaCl, 2 % Nonidet P40 Substitute, 0.2 % SDS, 2 % Triton X-100
Type Nanobody
Affinity (KD) Dissociation constant KD of 1 pM
Compatibility with mass spectrometryThe GFP-Trap® is optimized for on-bead digestion. For the application note, please click here: On-bead digest protocol for mass spectrometry
Storage ConditionShipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt store at +4°C. Do not freeze!




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