New anti-mNeonGreen antibody & Nano-Trap for Immunofluorescence & Immunoprecipitation

Novel tools for the analysis of mNeonGreen fusion proteins

ChromoTek is proud to introduce new tools for mNeonGreen fusion proteins: 

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mNeonGreen antibody for IF of mNeonGreen-tagged proteins

Immunostaining of HeLa cells transiently expressing mNeonGreen fused to Actin Chromobody (green) with 32F6 antibody (red). Merge image shows overlay of green and red channels and DAPI (blue).  Scale bar, 10 μm. Anti-mNeonGreen antibody 32F6 is a validated and exceptional tool for sensitive detection of mNeonGreen- fusion proteins in immunofluorescence. The anti-mNeonGreen antibody is a purified mouse monoclonal IgG2a.


mNeonGreen-Trap for IP of mNeonGreen-tagged proteins

Immunoprecipitation of mNeonGreen. I: Input , FT: Flow through, B: Bound. 

Obtain a single band purification of your mNeonGreen fusion protein in pulldowns using mNeonGreen-Trap. The efficiency of this novel affinity reagent is shown in the corresponding Western blot: no mNeonGreen is detectable in the flow-through fraction indicating a complete pulldown.


mNeonGreen-Trap consists of an anti-mNeonGreen single domain antibody (sdAb) fragment from alpaca, also termed VHH, or nanobody, and is coupled to agarose (mNeonGreen-Trap Agarose) or magnetic agarose (mNeonGreen-Trap Magnetic Agarose). The mNeonGreen-Trap is optimized for pull-down of mNeonGreen fusion proteins.

Benefit from mNeonGreen-Trap in immunoprecipitation:

  • Superior pulldown of mNeonGreen-fusion proteins  (high affinity with a dissociation constant KD of 2 nM)
  • No heavy & light chains in your downstream application
  • Strong binding even under harsh washing conditions
  • Short incubation time of about 30 minutes
  • Alpaca Antibody Advantage