OXPHOS Cocktail (Human recommended)

Cat no : PK30006

Product Information

OXPHOS (oxidative phosphorylation) requires the transport of electrons to molecular oxygen by the mitochondrial respiratory chain which involves four multi-subunit complexes known as complexes I, II, III, and IV (CI, CII, CIII and CIV) and two mobile electron carriers, coenzyme Q (CoQ) and cytochrome c. The respiratory chain generates a transmembrane proton gradient that is channeled by complex V (also known as ATP synthase, CV) to synthesize ATP.

    This OXPHOS kit contains five Polyclonal antibodies. The kit is suitable for Western Blotting analysis of the relative levels of the 5 OXPHOS complexes in mitochondrial preparations from  human. Individual proteins that need to be tested can be purchased according to the corresponding catalog number.

Antibodies14676-1-APATP5A1Complexes Ⅴ50-55 kDa150ul
21705-1-APUQCRC1Complexes Ⅲ45 kDa
10620-1-APSDHBComplexes Ⅱ32 kDa
55070-1-APMTCO2Complexes Ⅳ23-25 kDa
14794-1-APNDUFB8ComplexesⅠ19-22 kDa


Store at -20℃. Stable for one year after shipment.


1.Refer to the western blot protocol. (https://www.ptglab.com/support/western-blot-protocol/western-blot-protocol/)

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