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Technical Workshops

Upcoming Technical Workshops in Europe.

Come along to a Proteintech workshop held at universities and research institutes across Europe. The talks are completely free and a great opportunity to network, discuss your research, and learn new skills. 

The talks are coordinated by Dr Karolina Szczesna (Proteintech's technical expert) and cover a range of popular topics, including:

  • Western Blot & Immunofluorescence Masterclass
  • Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and Immunoprecipitation (IP) Workshop
  • Multicolor IF Imaging Masterclass
  • Antibody Based Techniques Masterclass
  • Exploring Career Paths Outside Academia
  • Advance your product development and therapies with Proteintech

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. Refreshments will also be provided.

Date Location Talk title More details
28/1/20 Queen Mary University, UK Antibody based techniques: Troubleshooting and tips  Register Here
10/2/20 University of Essen, Germany Western Blot and Immunofluoresence (IF) Masterclass Register Here
11/2/20 RWTH Aachen University, Germany Antibody based techniques: Troubleshooting and tips Register Here
11/3/20 Translational Research Center Erlangen, Germany Antibody based techniques: Troubleshooting and tips Register Here

Missed the talk? Don't worry you can download the slides here

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1 March, 2018



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