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DGCR8 C-Terminal Antibody

KD/KO Validated

KD/KO Validated
Antibody Catalog Number Type Applications  

DGCR8 C-Terminal


Rabbit Poly


51 Publications

MicroRNA cleavage by the Drosha-Dgcr8 ‘Microprocessor’ complex is critical for microRNA biogenesis. DGCR8 is an RNA-binding protein that assists the RNase III enzyme in the processing of microRNAs. However, DGCR8’s other roles in the cell are still under investigation. Using Proteintech DGCR8 C-Terminal antibody (10996-1-AP), scientists can discover more about DGCR8’s functions. Recently, Cirera-Salinas et al., described a new non-canonical function of DGCR8 in the modulation of the alternative splicing of Tcf7l1 mRNA in addition to its established function in microRNA biogenesis.¹

In the context of neurological disorders, individuals lacking DGCR8 function are at increased risk of developing schizophrenia. Eon and colleagues discovered that dysregulation of the Dgcr8-Drd2 underlies some pathogenic mechanisms related to emotional memory deficits for those with DGCR8 deletions.²

Immunofluorescent analysis of SH-SY5Y cells, using DGCR8 antibody (10996-1-AP) at a 1:50 dilution and FITC-labeled donkey anti-rabbit IgG (green). Blue pseudocolor = DAPI (fluorescent DNA dye). IP Result of anti-DGCR8 C-terminal (IP: 10996-1-AP, 3ug; Detection: 10996-1-AP, 1:800) with HEK-293 cells lysate 2700ug.

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1. Noncanonical function of DGCR8 controls mESC exit from pluripotency (PMID: 28100686).

2. Schizophrenia-Related Microdeletion Impairs Emotional Memory through MicroRNA-Dependent Disruption of Thalamic Inputs to the Amygdala (PMID: 28538174)

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