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Special ELISA Kit Promo

$200 discount on unique ELISA Kits listed at $399

Your first Proteintech ELISA Kit could be just $199! For a limited time, all Proteintech ELISA Kits listed at $399 will receive a discount of $200 – as long as it’s your first one! Full terms and conditions apply. To take advantage of this offer, simply enter the promo code below at checkout, or request it to be quoted upon ordering:

This promotion has now ended

Offer valid in the US & Canada. Ends 09.30.2020.

 Please note: Promotion applies to ELISA kits priced at $399 and provides 1 kit at $199. Elisa kits priced at $599 are excluded from this promotion. See terms and conditions for more details. 

Offer available in the US and Canada only.

AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kits

AuthentiKine™ ELISA kits are Proteintech's premium line of ELISA kits for measuring minute quantities of human serum factors:

  • Ultra-sensitive kits between 10x and 1000x more sensitive than kits sold by leading competitors. 
  • The only kits made using HumanKine® human cell-expressed cytokines and growth factors, which are authentic human proteins. 

Click here for a full list of available AuthentiKine™ ELISA kits.

Proteintech AuthentiKine™ ELISA kits:  

Here is our collection of AuthentiKine™ ELISA kits included in this promotion. Follow the link to the full AuthentiKine™ product page. 

 KE00139  Interleukin 6 AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kit  Was $399 now   $199
 KE00146  IFN-gamma AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kit  Was $399 now   $199
 KE00150  Cystatin C AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kit  Was $399 now   $199
 KE00154  TNF-alpha AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kit  Was $399 now   $199
 KE00168  HGF AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kit  Was $399 now   $199
 KE00170  IL-10 AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kit  Was $399 now   $199
Browse Proteintech AuthentiKine™ ELISA Kits  here


Proteintech provides a wide range of two-site sandwich ELISA kits, all of which are highly sensitive and ready to use.  Each Proteintech sandwich ELISA kit has been rigorously assessed for intra- and inter-assay variability and show high levels of assay consistency and sample recovery.

Click here for a full list of available ELISA Kits.

Popular Proteintech ELISA kits:  Interleukin

Here's just a small selection of ELISA kits included in this promotion. Follow the link below to browse the full range.

KE00017 Interleukin 2  ELISA Kit Was $399 now   $199
KE00016 Interleukin 4  ELISA Kit Was $399 now   $199
KE00007 Interleukin 6  ELISA Kit Was $399 now   $199
KE00006 Interleukin 8  ELISA Kit Was $399 now   $199
KE00012 Interleukin 10  ELISA Kit Was $399 now   $199
KE00014 Interleukin 28B  ELISA Kit Was $399 now   $199
Browse all Proteintech ELISA Kits here


Full terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Offer ends September 30th, 2020.

If you need assistance with ordering or have any questions relating to our products or services, please contact us or use our 24-hour Live Chat to speak to a Proteintech representative. 

 Terms and Conditions

  • This promotional offer is only available to customers based in the US and Canada. 
  • Offer only valid for ELISA kits priced at $399.
  • Offer may not be used for multiple ELISA kits of the same catalog number in the same order. 
  • Limit 5 uses per order. Any additional kits purchased will be charged at full price. 
  • This promotion is valid until 09.30.2020.
  • This promotion code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer. 
  • The promotion code must be entered at checkout or quoted on your email/fax order to be applied to your order. 
  • Proteintech reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.
  • Standard shipping costs apply. 


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