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Polyclonal Antibodies

All Proteintech polyclonal antibodies are affinity purified and tested by indirect ELISA and Western Blot on unmodified lysates. 95% of Proteintech polyclonal antibodies are raised against whole proteins. There are several advantages to using a full-length protein immunogen for polyclonal antibodies:

  1. Since the immune system can generate antibodies against any region of the whole protein, there is a high chance of reactivity across species due to conservation.
  2. Some regions of the protein may be better for one application than another, so the availability of the whole protein yields antibodies that can work for multiple applications.
  3. Protein immunogens are best for cases where one needs to follow a protein while it is modified, such as investigating the processing of a protein over time.

Discover Proteintech’s full range of polyclonal antibodies that will advance your research. We have antibodies against 12,000 targets available.

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