MultiPro™ Human Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody cocktail

The MultiPro™ Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail contains 58 antibodies. 53 antibodies against cell surface and intracellular proteins plus 5 isotype control antibodies. Fully compatible with the 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression Flex with Feature Barcodes and Sample Multiplexing product.

Host / Isotype

Rabbit polyclonal IgG, Mouse IgG2b, Mouse IgG3, Mouse IgG2a, Mouse IgG1



Cat No : G900004

Tested Applications

Positive SC detected in 10x Genomics Gene Expression with Feature Barcodes and Multiplexing product.

Recommended dilution

Lyophilized cocktail reconstituted in 55uL of IC buffer can be used to stain up to 1 million cells (see protocol)

Product Information

Tested Reactivity Human
Host / Isotype Rabbit polyclonal IgG, Mouse IgG2b, Mouse IgG3, Mouse IgG2a, Mouse IgG1
Class Monoclonal and Polyclonal
Type Antibody
Storage Buffer Lyophilized antibody cocktail
Storage ConditionsStore at 2-8°C.

Background Information

Contains 53 antibodies against cellular targets and 5 isotype control antibodies. The cocktail is compatible with the 10x Genomics Gene Expression with Feature Barcodes and Multiplexing product.


Nuclear Clone Ensembl ID Uniprot ID Expressed by*
AHNAK Polyclonal ENSG00000124942 Q09666 DCs, T cells, basophils
BACH1 2D12A4 ENSG00000156273 O14867 Neutrophils, APCs, NK cells
IRF4 Polyclonal ENSG00000137265 Q15306 T cells, APCs
MAFB Polyclonal ENSG00000204103 Q9Y5Q3 Monocytes/Macrophages
NFKB2 6A10E9 ENSG00000077150 Q00653 Ubiquitous
POU2AF1 3C5A7 ENSG00000110777 Q16633 B cells, Airway epithelial cells
SPI1 2H3D3 ENSG00000066336 P17947 Granulocytes, Monocytes, B cells, NK cells
T-bet Polyclonal ENSG00000073861 Q9UL17 NK cells, T cells, B cells
Cytosolic Clone Ensembl ID Uniprot ID Expressed by*
AIF1 Polyclonal ENSG00000204472 P55008 APCs, T cells
LASP1 1G4B6 ENSG00000002834 Q14847 Leukocytes
SRC 5E10C4 ENSG00000197122 P12931 T cells, B cells
SYK 4C4A12 ENSG00000165025 P43405 Monocytes, B cells, NK cells
VIM 3H9D1 ENSG00000026025 P08670 Mesenchymal cells 
ZAP70 1A11G9 ENSG00000115085 P43403 NK cells, T cells, B cells
Secreted Clone Ensembl ID Uniprot ID Expressed by*
IFNG 1E10G7 ENSG00000111537 P01579 T cells, NK cells, APCs, ILCs
IL-1B 2A1B4 ENSG00000125538 P01584 Neutrophils, APCs
IL-17A 1F3E3 ENSG00000112115 Q16552 Th17 cells, ILCs, NK cells
IL-6 4G3E6 ENSG00000136244 P05231 T cells, APCs, fibroblasts
IL-8 Polyclonal ENSG00000169429 P10145 APCs, Epithelial cells, T cells, APCs
S100A4 2G11B4 ENSG00000196154 P26447 Leukocytes
TGFBI 3E11D11 ENSG00000120708 Q15582 Leukocytes
TNFa 7B8A11 ENSG00000232810 P01375 APCs, T cells, NK cells
Cell Surface Clone Ensembl ID Uniprot ID Expressed by*
ANXA2 1C1E12 ENSG00000182718 P07355 Basophils, Macrophages, T cells, DCs
CD11a TS2/4 ENSG00000005844 P20701 Leukocytes
CD11b ICRF44 ENSG00000169896 P11215 Granulocytes, Monocytes/Macrophages
CD11c 3.9 ENSG00000140678 P20702 DCs, B cells
CD13 WM15 ENSG00000166825 P15144 Granulocytes, Monocytes
CD16 3G8 ENSG00000203747 P08637 NK cells, Monocytes, Neutrophils
CD18 TS1/18 ENSG00000160255 P05107 Leukocytes
CD19 HIB19 ENSG00000177455 P15391 B cells
CD2 TS1/8 ENSG00000116824 P06729 NK cells, T cells
CD21 BU32 ENSG00000117322 P20023 B cells
CD27 1C1G3 ENSG00000139193 P26842 Treg, T cells, B cells
CD28 CD28.2 ENSG00000178562 P10747 T cells, NK cells
CD35 E11 ENSG00000203710 P17927 B cells, T cells, Monocytes, Granulocytes
CD3E OKT3 ENSG00000198851 P07766 T cells
CD4 RPA-T4 ENSG00000010610 P01730 pDCs, Monocytes, mDCs, T cells
CD40 G28.5 ENSG00000101017 P25942 APCs
CD43 2A11D6 ENSG00000197471 P16150 Leukocytes
CD44 F10-44-2 ENSG00000026508 P16070 Ubiquitous
CD45 HI30 ENSG00000081237 P08575 Lymphocytes
CD45RA F8-11-13 ENSG00000081237 P08575 B and T cells
CD5 UCHT2 ENSG00000110448 P06127 T cells
CD54 15.2 ENSG00000090339 P05362 Monocytes, NK cells, DCs
CD63 TS63 ENSG00000135404 P08962 Basophils, Monocytes, NK cells, T cells
CD64 10.1 ENSG00000150337 P12314 Monocytes, DCs
CD7 4H9 ENSG00000173762 P09564 NK cell, T cell
CD71 3C11F11 ENSG00000072274 P02786 Monocytes, B cells
CD81 5A6 ENSG00000110651 P60033 Leukocytes
CD83 HB15e ENSG00000112149 Q0151 APC B cells
CD86 BU63 ENSG00000114013 P42081 Monocytes, B cells
CD8A UCHT4 ENSG00000153563 P01732 T cells
HLA-DRA L243 ENSG00000204287 P01903 APCs
Controls Clone
Rabbit IgG Polyclonal
Mouse IgG2b 11B8C4
Mouse IgG3 1H4A5
Mouse IgG2a 11A1B2
Mouse IgG1 1F8D3

APCs = Antigen Presenting Cells, ILCs = Innate Lyphoid Cells

DCs = Dendritic Cells, NK = Natural Killer Cells

* Non-exhaustive list


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Sequencing Parameters

IMPORTANT: The sequencing parameters for MultiPro™ are distinct from those required for 10x Genomics Gene Expression Flex sequencing libraries. MultiPro™ sequencing parameters are also distinct from other commercially available oligonucleotide conjugated antibodies. Please be mindful of this when setting up your sequencing run. The required MultiPro™ sequencing parameters are:
Read 1:48 cycles
Index 1:10 cycles
Index 2:10 cycles
Read 2:50 cycles